Grace Randolph the YouTube host for Beyond The Trailer has started a petition for a PG-13  version of the much anticipated Marvel movie, Deadpool. Just another example of how offensive and sensitive society has become.

A mother of a loyal Beyond The Trailer viewer, 8-year-old Mathew, reached out to Grace for help to get a "cleaner" version of the Deadpool movie set to release February 12th. After receiving a R rating from the MPAA, some people agree that since Deadpool is part of the Marvel franchise he could have a cleaner rating.

These parents obviously don't know Deadpool's character and just assume he will get along nicely with all the Avengers. I don't think an 8-year-old should be watching a PG-13 movie anyway because some are still pretty violent and racy, yet because it has a less controversial rating, it's okay right?

So far, 3,231 people have signed the petition for a PG-13 Deadpool movie and their goal is $5,000. I will not be signing that petition because no one who truly enjoys Deadpool's character would want a PG-13 version of him. I would recommend signing the petition asking Ryan Reynolds to talk crap to all those who did sign the petition to make Deadpool super lame.