Growing up in a Hispanic household you know when to listen and behave. You were afraid of getting the chancla when you didn't listen the last two times. Some of us are a little too familiar with the chancla.

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We've all had a slap or two from our punishing mother's slipper. Over the weekend I stumbled across an abbreviated phrase you will surprisingly know. Trust me when I say you will be surprised and filled with laughter if you get it.

I managed to correctly read an abbreviated phrase that is pretty long. You may have possibly come across it on your social media outlets. The abbreviated phrase is G.Y.A.I.T.M.F.H.R.N.B.I.B.Y.A. which seems intimidating.

But don't let the number of letters fool you. It may seem like a lot but this phrase should come like a piece of cake to some of you. In fact, I was quite stunned by how I guessed it correctly.

But the best part about it was how it got me laughing after guessing it correctly. Now, if it turns out the phrase means something completely different (which I highly doubt) some of us will feel stunned. But if you can't guess this long abbreviated phrase, don't feel bad.

In fact, you should consider yourself lucky if you can't guess it. So, if you guessed Get Your Ass In The Mother F****** House Right Now Before I Beat Your Ass, touché for guessing it correctly the first shot. But if you didn't you just learned something new about some El Paso family households.

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