The best kind of luxury a business is lucky to have would be aquariums. Besides, anyone would be down to support a business with some gnarly background decorations.

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In my opinion, I think an aquarium restaurant would have good business in El Paso. I say that simply because of the country vibes it gives.

Not sure about you, but I always got excited (for the aquarium) as a kid while visiting Villa Del Mar's OG spot, in Juarez.

I remember the closest I have ever been to see an aquarium in a restaurant was Villa Del Mar. But we all know, that is nothing compared to one joint in Houston, Texas.

The whole area inside the restaurant has a gnarly view of the massive aquarium. But honestly, who wouldn't be down to dine beside an aquarium of sea life?

If an aquarium restaurant existed in El Paso it would be a popping place to celebrate special occasions. If we were playing pretend, I would make reservations to celebrate my kids' birthdays there.

Who wouldn't be down to visit a place with sea life vibes minus the long-distance travel? Shoot, I know I would forget all my worries eating a nice meal while admiring some cute-looking fish. Plus, my kids would be begging to eat at an aquarium restaurant on a daily basis if one opened in El Paso.

So, if you've ever been curious about what it's like to dine with fish, head to the Downtown Aquarium Restaurant in Houston. I am curious if you would be visiting an aquarium restaurant if it existed in El Paso.

Sure we can expect high prices but it would definitely be worth it for the experience you can share with your kids. Share your opinion with me by placing your two cents in the poll below.

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