I posted earlier about one of my favorite Balloonfest memories, (and I'll do more as the week rolls on), now tell me about yours!

Your first visit to Wet n Wild? Your first flight in a hot air balloon?  The time you waited all day to see your favorite band then passed out before they went on?  When you met your all time favorite band?  When you met your all time favorite honey bunny??

Write your story down and post it below, on the Q Facebook page or email it to me; ggarza@klaq.com.  

In a day or two, I'll get a couple of other q staff peeps together and we'll pick the best one!  

That person will get a pair of tickets to this years Balloonfest featuring Mark Tremonti, Aranda, Sully Erna of Godsmack, Young Guns and Halestorm!!

Good luck!

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