5 days to go and the party is on at Wet N Wild.  Let's get warmed up for it by looking back at past Balloonfests!

One of my favorite Balloonfest memories also involves one of my scariest ones!  A couple of hours before Powerman 5000 were set to take the stage, their tour manager came flying out of the RV yelling at me to call for an ambulance.  Spider One had suffered a BAD head wound while warming up.

As it was a really busy day at the park, the medics were scattered taking care of others so for a few agonizing minutes there, all he and I could do was try and control the bleeding.  The medical people got there and did their thing.  Then Spider, after a quick shower to wash all the blood off, (bright red blood shows up really clearly against bleached blonde hair) led Powerman 5000 through one of the best Balloonfest shows ever!!

This weekend, Wet n Wild rocks again with Mark Tremonti, Sully Erna of Godsmack, Aranda, Young Guns and Halestorm!  Tickets available at 7-11/Alon locations all over El Paso, more info at KLAQ.com!!