This family in Texas decided they were going to spread some holiday cheer with their Whataburger-inspired holiday decorations. We all know Whataburger is the go-to fast food joint in the Lone Star state. People from all over the country know of our obsession, and whenever I have friends from other states not blessed with a Whataburger, it's one of the first places they want to check out. The obsession with Whataburger is only rivaled by Californians' obsession with In-N-Out. But I doubt any Californians are willing to take it as far as some Whataburger fanatics do.

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We've shown you an amazing Whataburger-themed Christmas tree one family has created but this family took it to a whole new level with their Whataburger-themed Christmas decorations. Tik Tok user Number1WithCheez are self-proclaimed Whataburger addicts who were clearly dreaming of an orange and white Christmas with their decorations all about their favorite burger joint.

This display is impressive with lots of inflatables purchased through the Whataburger website. From there, over 15 strands of lights were fitted with orange and white light bulbs and strung along the rooftop with care. Then, the lollipop-looking lawn decorations are really fitted to look like the stickers used at Whataburger to show any modifications made to your order. The end result? An impressive Whataburger house the neighbor has to be envious about. Or at least getting hungry looking at. Check out the video of the display below and see their Tik Tok for more videos about how this display all came together.

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