It's been talked about A LOT on the air. I wear basically the same damn thing every day. I wear the same pair of jeans and hoody every day. Although the hoody changed just this week because my boss gave me a new one because "you need to wear something different." I do change socks, underwear, and shirts, but it's always basically the exact same thing, every, single, day.

Well, apparently this is giving me an advantage over most people, because so much time is wasted on simple decisions. Some of the other simple decisions people waste time on though, I am right there with you. Can't decide what to order off the menu? How about what to watch on Netflix? Well, that is costing you a whole lot of time.

You make 14 small decisions every day, and they take a little over an hour total.  That winds up costing you about 16-and-a-half days a year.  And over the 60 or so years of your adult life, that adds up to more than 1,000 days, or almost two years and nine months.


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