Everyone is really fed up with all the drama that Covid-19 has started. Over the past couple of months, it has been difficult for so many people nationwide and across the country. Since the outbreak began in the 915 we were put on lockdown for a temporary time. Just recently we've been going through opening phases and currently in phase 3. Everyone has their own personal reason for rejoicing about the places of business that are reopening. There has especially been a lot of praise about our local bars kicking things back into gear. We all praised for different reasons, one example is that tips are a major source of income for the bar crew.

I was happy to see that people's only source of income is getting back into gear. Something else I know most of you can agree with me is when we can park and chill while enjoying the scenic view. Yes. I am looking forward to Scenic Drive opening-up the parking areas along the route. I know I have complained a lot about careless parkers that would block traffic. But I happen to be a part of the admirers club and enjoy the park and chill at scenic myself. I sometimes like to gather peace of mind where it is quiet and relaxing. That quiet and relaxing place for me is all along the Scenic Drive route. I always looked forward to those peaceful moments I would take in while parked.

The busiest of times Scenic Drive experienced the most traffic was usually in the evening. Some afternoons it would get crowded but not as bad as it would at night. Leave your vote on whether or not you also miss checking out the view down below.

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