Everyone loves checking out the view that Scenic Drive has to offer for drivers but can also be a pain for the traffic crossing over the mountain. If you always use this route to avoid traffic on the freeway like myself, it's annoying when drivers park on the road instead of an actual parking space.

There are people that make you wish you carried chalk in your car to correct them on their horrible parking job. These kind of people can definitely be found on Scenic Drive usually around the 7 p.m. hour. At times it has been so bad I even called the police because of how bad it was to cross over both ways. In the video provided by SenninhaPSX1, you will notice how on going traffic gets backed up near the flag pole under the star. If you experience this, you can call the non-emergency line at (915) 832-4400 to report it. Let us know if you had to deal with the same crap by taking the poll below!

Hopefully this will have you reconsider making your own parking spot on Scenic Drive from now on.