Dear Careless Parker on Scenic Drive,

You have no idea what kind of danger you're putting other drivers in. As it is we have to worry about the opposite side of traffic while trying to avoid hitting your car. I have used Scenic Drive as my preferred route to get from the Westside to the other side of town. It isn't always a smooth ride when people decide to park on the actual road!

There have been situations where it takes about ten to fifteen minutes to finally get out of the mess. There are two famous spots where the careless parkers line their cars to get a great view. One spot is where the flag pole sits at and the other is located across from the Police Academy.

It blows my mind how you don't seem to care about the other drivers and even your own vehicle. You're taking the risk of having a major accident occur and the unnecessary insurance bill. God forbid someone hits your car, it would be on YOU for parking on the road. In my opinion, I believe they should have a cop securing the two areas to ensure NO ONE parks incorrectly.

So if you're a careless parker on Scenic Drive and you get scraped or hit, you deserve it. Maybe this will be a lesson and teach you to avoid parking on Scenic Drive if there are no more available spots.


Your frequent Scenic Driver, Veronica


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