There have been different cities showing support and standing by Ukraine during this whole ordeal. Now it certainly is beautiful to see different cities in the United States show their colorful support. There have been so many places that are lighting up in solidarity by displaying the colors blue and yellow.

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In NYC, Paris, and Rome landmarks have been shining the colors blue and yellow have been showing their solidarity. You can see a compilation of photos of the landmarks that have been shining the colors blue and yellow by clicking here.

But another familiar place that is standing in solidarity with Ukraine is Dallas, Texas. KWTX News 10 shared a video on their Facebook page of a couple of buildings that were lit blue and yellow recently.

The Reunion Tower in Dallas, Texas was one of the buildings that are displaying the colors yellow and blue brightly and proudly. The Bank of America Plaza has also joined in on supporting Ukraine in spirit by also displaying Ukraine's colors.

But there was a picture that was shared of the buildings in Dallas that were proudly shining blue and yellow on Reddit. You can see all the buildings in Dallas that are lit up blue and yellow by clicking here.

But this got me wondering if El Paso would be down to see the star on the mountain show the same solidarity as Dallas. Before we have seen the El Paso star light up from blue to even red hues in the past.

Plus we have all seen the Wells Fargo building show colorful spirit by displaying either the UTEP logo or a Christmas tree on their building. Now I am curious if you would be down to see some blue and yellow colorful lights being displayed in El Paso. Place your vote below if you would like to see the star on the mountain or Wells Fargo display blue and yellow colors in the poll below.

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