It's been called the "Edgar", the Caesar, the Takuache cut and it's evolved into the "cuh" cut. It all translates to one thing: an ugly-ass haircut! Now, one school in El Paso is trying to put a stop to it.

Riverside high school is passing around a petition to put an end to the Edgar cut, claiming it to be a distraction in the classroom.

Once upon a time, I would have been annoyed that a school is trying to stop students from expressing themselves with their hair; I was in high school when the school tried to stop us from having "crazy colors" in our hair, but that seems to have changed with the times.

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However, I do believe this haircut has GOT. TO. GO! It's just an ugly hairstyle! The haircut, which has also been called the Edgar, the Takuache and most common among hairstylists, the Caesar is named after an emperor named Tiberius Caesar; I always thought it just referred to Julius Caesar. News flash, it didn't look cute on Julius Caesar back in the day and it doesn't look cute on guys today.

Someone explain how this is a good look?

I can understand the technicality of the haircut, but I can totally see how it's a distraction!

Have I gotten to that age where the hairstyles of the new generation annoy me? God no! If you have liberty spikes, that's great. Do you have some crazy colors in your hair? Amazing! Are you rocking a mullet? Cool, those are making a comeback! But the "Cuh" haircut? It's atrocious!

So hand me a pen, Riverside high school, because I will totally sign to have this haircut removed.

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