The Olympic games are in full swing, and rather than focus on things like the Australian team and all the woes they've had to endure, I thought it would be better to do a Yes or BS. So here you go, Olympics Edition, Round 2.

  1. More than 1 in 10 athletes suffered an injury during the 2012 Olympics in London.
    1. Yes - 11% of athletes suffered at least one injury during the games.
  2. In the last two Olympics, the event with the most injuries was sailing.
    1. BS - The two events with the most injuries were soccer and taekwondo. Sailing injuries are actually pretty rare.
  3. Diver Greg Louganis still won gold after hitting his head in the 1988 Olympics.
    1. Yes - It happened in a preliminary round, and had to get four stitches. He did two more dives that day, and won gold a day later.
  4. Kerri Strug's famous vault on a sprained ankle in 1996 didn't end up mattering. The US would have won gold anyway.
    1. Yes - Landing it did mathematically clinch it for the US. But another girl on the team went after and did well too. So even if Strug skipped it, they still would have won.
  5. The modern Olympics have been around for 120 years. And so far no one has ever died during an event.
    1. BS - It's happened twice. A runner in Portugal died in a marathon in 1912, and a cyclist from Denmark died from heat stroke in 1960.

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