Enjoy the holidays folks, once they're over TxDoT is back at it.

Starting in January, the Texas Department of Transportation will start on a new project ... near the Fountains at Farah and Cielo Vista Mall ... that will take until November to complete. According to the El Paso Herald Post:

The proposed project includes: ramp reconfigurations and frontage road improvements; intersection improvements at Airway Boulevard, Hawkins Boulevard, and Viscount Boulevard; conversion of westbound entrance and exit ramps between Hawkins and Viscount boulevards to braided ramps and the addition of an auxiliary lane to westbound I-10 main lanes between Airway and Viscount boulevards. The project also includes new pavement markings, signs, illumination and computerized transportation management system.

TxDoT peeps told the El Paso Herald Post that motorists should “take extra caution around work crews and be aware the shoulder on the road will not be accessible for the duration of the project.

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