WTF Wednesday returns!  Took last Wednesday off just to make all of you wonder; hey ... WTF??  We're back at it now though with some random web weirdness.


Ever wonder what you would do if you came home and found a naked bodybuilder on your porch??  Well don't do what these two did; they got their asses kicked!  Read the full story at

All-righty then.  Moving on with some motorcycle WTF-ness.  Bikers are tough sure, but THIS guy?!?!  He redefines the word.  He not only survived this oops, but went back to work the next day!!  WTF??

Finally, Mythbusters.  You just no someday the outtakes from this show are going to surface. And I'm betting they're going to be HILARIOUS! 

For a recent show, one of their (cannon) balls got away from them.  It missed the intended target, went through a concrete wall, up (yes, UP) a hill, went through a house, pinged off another roof and then took out the family mini van.  I would have PAAAID to watch all that!! 


Read why you shoudn't play with cannons ... and check out video of the aftermath ... via

Finally, a word from Mythbusters.  I guess we'll call this the "official"  comment on the matter. An unnamed  consultant on Mythbusters said:

"They did have a misfire. And they have insurance for these kinds of things."

That's it!?!?  Way to sound concerned dude ... WTF??

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