Firemen in Utah recently found themselves asking WTF??

Problem #1:  While inside a burning home (you're already having a bad enough day right there mind you ...) checking for occupants, firemen found a ton of snakes.

Problem #2:  They're not the easiest things to get hold of in good conditions, can you imagine trying to keep one from running for it's life from a fire? You can't exactly call it or explain to it what you're doing! (Not unless you're Dennis from The Ark Exotics anyway.)

Problem #3:  Many were poisonous!  Not only that but, one was one of the most venomous snakes in the world .. a freakin' gaboon viper. (A species that not only delivers one of the highest amounts of venom per bite, it also boasts the longest fangs of any poisonous snake! Up to 2 inches!)

Since keeping exotic/poisonous animals is illegal in Utah (and pretty much everywhere else), I'm sure the cops will be the next ones asking this homeowner, WTF??

At least they weren't all trapped on a plane!  (Careful, this video is NSFW!)


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