Have you seen this inmate?

I've never tried running a prison but ... if I did ... I like to think that knowing where all my inmates are would be a priority.  (I'm funny like that.)  An inmate in Detroit not only escaped  but, it took the prison a week to figure out he was gone!! WTF!?!? (That's WTF #1 by the way)

WTF #2??    Rocky Marquez didn't have to tunnel out, crawl through sewage or even jump off of a thousand foot waterfall. He just casually walked out the front door. (See?  It's true!  The simplest plans really are the best ones!)

Deputy U.S. Marshal Frederick J. Freeman said

"Mr. Marquez does have a bit of a head start, but we have the best of the best working on this case and I'm confident Rocky will be put behind bars."

A "bit" of a head start?  How long do you go missing before it's considered a "major" head start???? Read more.

No wonder Detroit has so many criminals ...