Instead of WTF Wednesday, I guess we'll do a WTF Friday today!!

ANOTHER stage has collapsed during a storm.  Is this the new trend in rock??  There was hard rock, then hair metal, followed by grunge ... now the "in" thing seems to be setting up huge stages in questionable conditions and watching them fall over.

Sadly, 5 people were killed in this one and 70 in jured at the Pukkelpop festival in Belgium. The show was to have featured Foo Fighters, The Offspring and 30 Seconds To Mars among others.

Read the whole story here via

5 people were also killed and dozens injured recently at a Sugarland show in Indiana.  Read more about that via  Video of this collapse thanks to Monster at

These both coming after ANOTHER stage fell during a Cheap Trick performance. Luckily, organizers saw that one coming and pulled the band offstage. Noone was injured during that one. Read more and see video of the collapse from TMZ.

Cheap Trick have alleged negligence on the part of the stage builders was to blame here and cancelled another show because the same stage crew was going to be involved.

Finally, I hadn't even heard about this one.  Prior to the Cheap Trick disaster, another stage failure came during a Flaming Lips performance in Oklahoma. Catch up on that one via

You live in an area long enough, you get used to the weather patterns.  If you have reason to believe a storm may come in as strong as these; maybe you shouldn't build a big ass stage?!?!

(By the way, not looking for any huge weather issues here in September for the KLAQ BBQ; but we'll still make sure the stage is set correctly, anchored and SAFE. I promise! Our events have been collapse free for 30 + years!!!!!!!)

As I said earlier; I know it's not Wednesday but WTF???????

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