WTF Wednesday is brought to you today by New York City.

New Yorks' "boss" Michael Bloomberg has decided that women need to breastfeed and he's doing what he can to make that happen. 

Boob-berg has embraced a citywide initiative that;

asks maternity hospitals to stop giving breastfeeding babies formula unless it’s medically necessary, restrict access to formula and track its distribution, counsel women on breastfeeding, and stop giving out free promotional formula and materials that endorse formula. 

Basically, since he thinks breastfeedings a good idea, he's going to force new mothers to do it. The sad thing is, hospitals are going for it! 

The initiative was announced in May and launches on September 3. The city’s health department said so far 12 private hospitals and 11 public hospitals run by New York City Health and Hospitals Corp. are onboard.


I'll grant you, breastfeeding is a good idea on many, MANY different levels.  It is also however a choice that new parents make. Hubby can recomend it, Mom can choose how she chooses to do it. (Bottling her own milk so Dad can be the one up at 4am for example.)  That is between the parents.  It's not up to anyone else. 

This genious wants other means practically banned. Did you read what the "Latch On NYC" measure calls for above? 

Here it is again; it limits how much formula a mother can buy, orders that she be lectured on the benefits of breastfeeding every time she buys (is allowed?) formula, tracks what formula goes where and prohibits any propaganda regarding formula. (Free samples, posters, ads, benefits, etc...)

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Yes, breastfeeding is probably the best idea for Moms and ninos but it's Mom and Dads call.  Not "Big Brothers".

What do you guys out there in KLAQ-land think?  Would you support something like this?  Or would you tell these people to STFU and mind their own business?


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