If and when the zombie apocalypse goes down, El Chuco won't be the best place to ride it out.

According to an article on Huffington Post, El Paso is the 25th worst place to be when the Walking Dead start walking. Or is it shuffling?  Whatever.

Apparently, hospital density, congestion, a lack of hardware stores, and higher walk scores, whatever the hell that means, are what can do a city in.  Who's number 1? Honolulu!  New York is number 2 and Newark took third.

WTF!?!? We're in a bad spot here on the border, peeps, so you might want to stock up on food, beer and ammo before Halloween. I think starting then would be a really sneaky way to kick this thing off with minimal panic and resistance.  Ebola my ass. The Centers For Disease Control have created a zombie awareness web page to help us get through what will surely be a most confusing and stressful time.

Fight the (dead) power.


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