A famous YouTuber duck learned the hard way that they are no longer invited to the Texas-based favorite store in a video titled "How to get banned from every Buc-ee's in the world (for life)".

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Wrinkle the duck, and his human, have quite a big following on their YouTube page, seDUCKtive, and now they both are banned from every Buc-ee's after they made a visit to the world's largest Buc-ee's in Tennessee!

While on their visit, Wrinkle and his human (named Justin Wood), got to stroll through the Buc-ee's and even take photos with customers who recognized them and also just thought it was really cool to see a duck in a stroller.

Youtuber gets lifetime ban at Buc-ee's
seDUCKtive via YouTube

However, the party was over when Wood and Wrinkle were confronted by an employee who told them Wrinkle could not stay in the store. While Buc-ee's does allow service animals, and while Wood did indeed have paperwork for Wrinkle, they told him that because his animal was not contained, Wrinkle could not be in the store.

At the end, police were called and informed them that the store wanted them banned!

From the sounds of it, it looks like the cops were on Wrinkle's side- but Buc-ee's had the final word and banned them from ALL their stores, even the parking lot!

We all know how strict Buc-ee's are with their rules- don't show up in your 18-wheeler! But many in the comments thought this was petty! One commenter wrote:

I'm in favor of boycotting Buc-ees for the way they treated Wrinkle.

Another Wrinkle supporter wrote:

Shame on Buc-Ees! How petty and uptight! Children touch and drool on those toys with more germs. FOLKS, please write to their corporate office to bring justice to this petty bullying.

Buc-ee's lost a few fans with this shakedown of Wrinkle and Human. They could have just banned them from that store in particular, but all the Buc-ee's in the world? That does seem petty. C'mon, Buc-ee's! Justice for wrinkle!

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