Even though there are different condom options out there, it seems like people aren't wrapping it up as much anymore. And now STIs are on the rise. But why?

There have been versions of condoms around since the days of cave paintings and were variations in the 1500s, when syphilis became a major problem in Europe and Asia. These primitive devices were made of various material, from animal intestine and skin, linen, paper and even some made from animal horn or tortoiseshell (what the heck China?!). It wasn't until 1855 that Charles Goodyear invented the first rubber condom. This initial form was thick, but users were told they could wash and reuse the device until it wore out. Flash forward to 1919 when latex condoms were finally produced and could be mass produced as well. Then by the 1950s, the shape was changed as well as the introduction of lubricant and we have close to the same product we're using today. In the 1980s the AIDs epidemic hit and condoms became a normal part of the sexual culture. But now it seems like we're taking a step back in our sexual revolution by forgoing the safety of the condom and risking it by riding "bareback." And there are risks now.

According to the CDC, the number of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) are on the rise in the United States. And not by a small margin either, we're talking about a record high for Americans. In 2017, there were a staggering 2.3 million cases of syphilis, gonorrhea, and chlamydia in the US. Chlamydia was the number one most common notifiable condition in the U.S., and gonorrhea coming in at number two. With these terrifying numbers being released, and the ease to purchase and use condoms, the questions remains- why are people not wrapping it up before taking a roll in the hay?

According to experts, there are a few reasons they believe people aren't regular condom users. Some aren't educated enough on sex and believe that it "feels better" without a condom. That is probably one of the most widely heard reasons that men, and women, like to ride "bareback." Another reason according to the experts is the widespread condomless pornography. If they don't need to use one why would you? Well, for starters that is their job and they usually are tested regularly for those diseases since they have an even higher risk of exposure. We'll call it a job hazard. Also, some might not trust the government and the health guidelines they give. There's a reason some call it the "fake news media." People may believe that the numbers are skewed in a negative way and not believe the facts that are being told to them. And probably one of the biggest reasons of all- ALCOHOL. Once the party starts it can be hard for some to pause the party long enough to put on their Johnson helmet then proceed. Some say it would kill the mood to stop and slide on a glove but you know what really kills a party? Chlamydia.

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