Have you noticed a few local joints who have signs reminding you that Fitfamep is watching? I've caught myself checking in on a couple local social media pages quite often. My first reason is the same exact reason you also follow these accounts. I also like to see if I actually see someone I know on either 915 On Blast or Fitfamep. Hell, it may actually land you as a guest on the Buzz Adams Morning Show! I hope the day I look like death and dressed in pajamas that Fitfamep or 915 On Blast aren't around. These are the social media accounts that keep you on your toes! Fitfamep and 915 On Blast are like the Santa Claus in technology. They film you when you're being bad or good. So for the sake of your reputation and people you're related to or know stay classy El Paso! Let me know which account you wouldn't mind being seen on down below.

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