El Paso's new, "news" agency isn't a standard radio, tv or print media.

Fit Fam is a social media account that's usually ahead of all those others when it comes to breaking news.

In fact, many of those other mediums now go to Fit Fam themselves. If it happens in El Paso, you'll probably find video and/or details on Fit Fam within minutes.

It's kind of like a news agency that everybody in town works for as peeps can film things that are happening and post them right then and there to Fit Fam. Good, bad or ugly.

For example, this cheerleading fail at UTEP.

Traffic backed up? Check Fit Fam and you'll probably find video of the incident that's causing it.

Who Runs Fit Fam?

While Ft Fam does a great job of keeping El Pasoans informed about stuff going on all over the Borderland, the man behind it is pretty tight lipped about himself.

For reasons known only to "Mr. X" ... but that I suspect, (understandably), have to do with avoiding retaliation of some sort over something Fit Fam has posted ... he lays low.

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How Did Fit Fam Get Started?

I started off probably eight years ago, just as a totally fitness page to post fitness tips, memes, things of that nature — but very light-hearted, very much more geared towards the gym audience. Then slowly, we started posting more happenings around the area, like events or funny videos that we thought were interesting. Followers would request that we post other things or suggest that we use our platform to put information out there since we had a growing audience. - thecitymagazine

How Did The Wal Mart Shooting Help Grow Fit Fam?

Fit Fam was sort of born out of tragedy. During the Wal Mart shooting in 2019, misinformation was flying all over the place. Some correct, some wrong, some "sketchy".

At that time, "Mr. X" was employed by the city and had access to first hand info. It was accurate, verified information which he used his already established fitness account to pass on to others.

How Does Mr. Fit Fam Protect His Identity?

Among other things, according to thecitymagazine.com, he doesn't put his personal views out there, talk about himself or give out much info on himself period.

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