Before cartel shootings became a regular thing in Juarez, it was the spot to drink underage. Juarez was the place teenagers who were 18 and over in El Paso could get crunk.

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But even if you were at the legal drinking age there were quite a few fun places to party across the bridge. Some teenagers preferred to stay closer to the area that was closer and by closer, I mean walking distance to the Paso Del Norte Bridge.

I just got to say I am thankful that I am still alive after partying at Chamuco's Esfinge, and The News. Plus, there was another spot I had heard tons of wild stories about that is deeper in Juarez you should also recall. But before you continue reading make sure you cue in the music just below.

If you ever partied at Vertigo in Juarez then you should know what wild things happened there. If you wish you could relive those times again you love reminiscing about, get your dancing shoes ready.

A well-known spot for locals to party downtown is throwing a throwback party next month. Now by throwback, I mean you can dance the night away listening to songs you heard at Vertigo.

The bar and nightclub downtown plans to bring back a blast from your past on Saturday, July 30. EPIC Bar and Nightclub is bringing your old Juarez party days you had at Vertigo to El Paso.

So if you would like to have a blast from the past get your dancing shoes ready. In fact, one popular local DJ you may remember seeing playing at Vertigo was Johnny Kage.

Now I didn't exactly ever get to party at Vertigo of all the times I did go to Juarez to have fun. But if there were a Tequila Derby night then you bet your a** I will be there.

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