El Pasoans are always complaining about traffic but maybe we should be complaining about the roads? From potholes to cones in the road, the streets of El Paso might be safe, but the El Paso streets are rough. We put up a fun little graphic to get our listeners to help us create a list of some of the worst roads in El Paso. I swear I saw so many people just crap on the Buzz Adams Morning Show but jokes on them, that isn't a road. If any of the haters are REALLY funny, they would name a road after Buzz.

You can check out the original post that included over 500 comments, which there is no way we were going to include all of those. Instead, we made a little list of some of the comments people left. The overall summary is that most streets in the El Paso area were named. Poor Saul Kleinfeld was named dropped multiple times.

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