There are a few roads that come to mind that you know has traffic before 5 pm in El Paso. The only thing is determining which road you consider the worst when it comes to your commute.

For me, it has been taking some getting used to since I normally used to get out of work at 7 pm. I didn't even experience traffic unless there was a concert or game going on at Don Haskins Center.

Since my schedule has changed, I am out on the road a lot earlier than I was before.

Just the other day I had to pick up some food from a burger joint near Franklin High School.

Apparently, it can get quite busy with traffic on N. Mesa Street whichever direction you're going in. So luckily when I got off of work I took I-10 West to pick up the food.

I remember when N. Mesa and Sunland Park to Festival was only down to one lane. That was the worst road ever.

Before instead of taking N. Mesa, I took the back road that has quite a scenic view and ginormous houses to admire. I took the backroad all the way to Festival and got back on to N. Mesa, but getting back on to N. Mesa from Festival is when I realized the traffic gets bad there before 5 pm.

To make matters worse it happens to be in a construction zone that is cut down to just one lane. I know of other roads some of us have traveled on that experience heavy traffic before 5 pm also. Another road that gets pretty hectic is at Montana near Joe Battle. The same goes for Montwood from Viscount all the way to Zaragoza, but in my opinion, I believe N. Mesa St. is the worst road to commute on in El Paso before 5 pm. If you feel otherwise, feel free to pick the road you think is the worst to use before 5 pm below.

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