This time of year, you don't really need to wear a jacket.  The temp can change in a second though so, if you ride a motorcycle, you do need one handy.

That being said, I found myself wearing a jacket I was nowhere close to needing Sunday. Being about 80, I decided not to zip it up and ... long story short ... my phone flew out. (Somewhere on George Dieter, Montana or loop 375. Keep your eyes open, huh?)

Anyway, buying a new phone is super irritating ... here are the top 3 reasons why:

  • The cost. Holy sh**, are you kidding me!?!? If anyone out there needs a kidney, I'm considering selling one of mine to pay for this thing. Hit me up!
  • Trying to figure out which T-Mobile store is corporate and which one isn't. (FYI: the one near Dyer and Hondo Pass IS corporate.)
  • Resetting contacts. I went from over 600 to 8. (This part is killing me so, help a brother out and text me your info. Ok?)

Not to mention learning to use it. Every button I hit does something but it's rarely the something I wanted it to do. I'm not giving up though so ... for now ... sorry for any butt dials, gibberish texts or random photos.

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