Are you concerned about your microwave? Well, you shouldn't be. But if you don't believe the government can monitor you through your phone, you're kidding yourself. Cameras, microphones, tracking your GPS. It can all be used to spy on you. Here are a few tricks from Time to prevent being spied on.

  • The first one, most people noticed when there was a picture of Mark Zuckerberg covering his laptop camera with a piece of tape. But that is something you can certainly do. If you don't want your camera being hacked, put a piece of tape over it.
  • Don't let every app track your location. I'm not a fan of letting apps track your location, but there are some that you need to allow. Waze obviously being the big one because, how can you expect to get directions if it doesn't know where you are?
  • Update your phone's software. I'm always cautious about updating software once a new update is released. I've seen too many times a new update have issues and cause problems. I wait about a week or so to update any software. But it is important to update because hackers are frequently creating ways to get into old software, so the update should have plugs to the holes the hackers found.

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