Madison Stephens from Kentucky posted a video to her Facebook page claiming to find a worm in her fish sandwich from McDonald's.

She is not the only person finding worms in their food. Just 25 miles away at a different McDonald's. The second woman also claims she found a worm in her hamburger. Madison told the local news station in Kentucky that she and her baby boy were about to eat their food when a worm fell out of it and the worm began crawling towards her son's food.

After complaining to McDonald's about the incident she was given a ten-dollar gift card which she says is a slap in the face. Madison Stephens is asking that the McDonald's location be inspected by the health department.

The owner of the Mcdonald's she visited spoke to WSPD-TV and issued the following statement,'We have taken the appropriate steps to investigate this matter and have been unable to substantiate this claim. Furthermore, the health department has conducted a food safety audit in the restaurant and did not identify any issue similar to the one claimed.'