A mother securely strapped her baby on her back to perform a unique pole dance performance. As an advocate for attachment parenting, Ashley Wright decided to perform a tandem pole dance to "The Circle of Life." Sounds weird right?

Well this is the way Ashley creates art, as she has done other performances while she is pregnant. Some people who have seen the video were upset about seeing the baby on her back, but were mostly concerned with the baby's safety.

Don't worry, Ashley did say she made sure the baby's head was securely wrapped so it would remain stable. The dance is pretty beautiful, but I can't help but think about what would happen if she slipped! As long as the baby is safe, I can find the beauty in this artistic expression, but many other internet trolls find this video to be disturbing.

The arguments will continue in comment sections, but Ashley seems to be comfortable and confident about what she is doing with her baby and her body. That seems to be all that matters.

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