A lighthearted moment during today's flooding coverage! We all need to smile during times like this. Right, Mary King? Click here for more images from this 'historic' weather event: http://shout.lt/bfdJT

Posted by WIS TV on Sunday, October 4, 2015

This woman has the same priorities I would have in this situation.

There is historic flooding happening in South Carolina, and with the death toll at 17, 13 dams in the state have failed, with President Obama signing a disaster declaration in the state.

One South Carolina local news station was able to find a sweet, "lighthearted moment" on Sunday. WIS-TV in Columbia, S.C., was covering the historic flooding when a local named Angela was interviewed by the station.

Angela had to flee her apartment, which was now submerged under the flood waters. Angela is a resident at the Shandon Crossing Apartments, and she was in her home when water started coming inside the door of her apartment. Angela only had a few minutes to grab what she could.

"I grabbed nothing but two Totino’s pizzas out of the refrigerator and my doggie and we left. That’s it. I tried to grab more other things but they weren’t even worth it. That’s all I have.. I can’t worry about it — that’s wordly things."

Angela is now hoping to hear back from the Red Cross and is staying at a friend's house a little farther up. She said as long as it doesn't flood any higher, she should be safe.

Online campaigns have already been started to see if Totinos Pizza Rolls will donate to the woman who now doesn't have a home.