Something is going on with the people of El Paso. They're on something and it's causing some crazy ass behavior. It was just over a couple of weeks ago a naked man was running the streets of El Paso over off Lomaland. You can see that footage by CLICKING HERE.

Some footage came out earlier this week of a woman walking down I-10 in El Paso. Seriously, just strolling along on the freeway. They eventually get her off the busy road, and you can definitely tell she is on something.

I've had my fair share of strange moments in my life. I even have a freeway story. I once fell asleep on top of a car going 70 miles an hour. Not sure how I didn't fall off, and not sure why I did it. If I remember correctly, I wanted to get some fresh air but just opening the window wasn't enough. So there's my buddy Blair, who I had just met BTW, holding on to my pant leg so I don't go flying out onto the freeway.


But watching this video brings me to my next point...

Of course, I don't think it's crack this girl was on that caused her to get out and start walking on the freeway. And I'm sure there's someone out there that can tell what drug this is. Either way, can we agree that something is going on in El Paso that's causing some rather unsettling behavior?


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