Something is clearly going on with this guy. What exactly? I'm still not sure because I haven't been able to find an update yet. But it's easy to look and laugh at a situation like this, but chances are something pretty serious is going on. Either way, this was happening over off Lomaland.

Just in case you were wondering, Fit Fam is in full swing with El Paso going full on with the crazy. See what happens when you keep people cooped up for 4 months? They eventually lose it and go nuts when they finally get out of the house. Check out these other videos Fit Fam has put up recently.

There ya go. El Paso coming in strong! Oh, and I don't want to post it here, but there's a video Fit Fam has of a botched nose piercing. You are more than welcome to head on over to their Twitter page to check out that video. Just CLICK HERE to go to their Twitter page.

I do have to say, not a lot of social distancing going on in these videos. And people wonder why we are most likely going to be locked down again. As I'm writing this (July 16th at 7am Mountain Time in the morning), I'm willing to bet we're not far from a lock down again. We started a pool in the office and I'm taking next Friday as the lock down day. Well, technically Thursday. 11:59pm Thursday, July 23rd, Texas goin' on lock down!


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