Even if you have a medical marijuana card, in Texas, guns are a no - no.

Texas has not legalized marijuana for recreational use, (and I'm starting to think we never will), but you can get a medical marijuana card here.

Whether you have a card or not, if you smoke pot you can't buy a firearm. That's not just a Texas thing either, that's across the board for every state even those that allow recreational use.

Many states have legalized marijuana but the federal government has not.  Therefore, as usual, federal law supersedes state law and Uncle Sam says potheads can't buy guns.

Marijuana users cannot legally buy guns.

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Many states have legalized the ganja and the 2nd amendment guarantees that (certain) Americans have the right to "keep and bear arms".

So, who's right? The ATF says:

People who are looking to purchase firearms must attest whether or not they are an unlawful user of marijuana on an ATF Form 4473 during a firearm transaction. - ATF

On the upside, a federal judge in Oklahoma recently ruled this unconstitutional.

I really doubt gun stores are going to start administering drug tests so, you could just check that box "no". That is, of course, perjury if you are found to indeed be "going green".

Judgement call on you for this one - to tell or not to tell.

If you already have a gun, you're ok as long as you don't have both the gun and pot on you at the same time. You can't be high and armed at the same time either.

PS: I'm NOT a lawyer.

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