Not sure how some people still take the chance to urinate in public since Live PD has been around. There have been some incidents or pee breaks I should say that was caught for all to see on Live PD.

I have NEVER been a fan of just releasing my stream in public, out in the open, where some can possibly see. Now, I believe men urinate in public more than women since it is easier for them. Now I believe the only time it is understanding to urinate in public is if you're in the desert. I remember those days going offroading with friends and having to break the seal but held it until I could use the bathroom. Some chick friends of mine didn't care about going to relieve their bladder to make room for more beer in the desert. Now some people have no shame like above who are actually close by to a restroom and still choose to urinate in public. You would think the people who choose to urinate in public wouldn't since Live PD has been around. Then again some people under the influence don't give a crap about where they take a leak. In my opinion, I believe men have it easier and urinate  in public more than women do. Because all the men have to do is whip it out to let it out than women having to pop a squat.

Leave your opinion down below in the box by placing your vote on who YOU think urinates in public more!

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