Pizza orders are very serious to me. I love food and I love when it comes out perfectly. If my order is wrong I won't feel the need to call 911 but I might cry a little while still eating whatever wrong order I have now.

A woman from Hartford, Connecticut was very unhappy with her order from a pizzeria called Empire Pizza. Maybe not that unhappy since she ate half of the pizza before calling the cops.

The 911 recording has been traveling around on social media to share the weirdness of a woman who wanted her money back after the pizza she ordered was wrong. Originally, the woman order a small half-cheese and half- bacon pizza but was given hamburger meat instead of bacon. Don't act like you wouldn't be upset if they messed up your order, especially if it was involving bacon. Bacon is amazing and we know it, that's why we have Baconfest.

Anyway, the woman ended up calling 911 and asking for help in getting her money back. The 911 dispatcher let her know that this isn't an issue she should be calling 911 about but can send an officer to help her get her money back. Not sure if she ever did get her money back because she never issued out a response to NBC Connecticut.