A Utah womans day went from bad to worse when she was arrested after being struck by two different trains!

Now, it's not illegal to get hit by trains in Utah.  (Nor anywhere else as far as I know.) Evading arrest is illegal though and that's what this dingbat was doing.  Salt Lake City po - po  responding to a disturbance call, saw the suspect driving away.  When they tried to stop her, she ran.

Right into a southbound train.  Now, I understand when you're running from the cops you have a lot on your mind but, how do you NOT see a train in front of you??

  1. They're big and loud.
  2. They're usually blaring that freakin' air horn.
  3. There are flashing lights and clanging bells at the crossing.

You really can't miss them.

Which she didn't.  Miss it that is ... she drove straight into it.  Then, as police tried to get her out of the car, she got plowed into by another one!!  She was arrested after the second hit and, somehow, has only a broken arm to show for the collisions.

How's your Monday going??