It shouldn't come as a surprise that Texas sees its share of train accidents, whether it be from their cars getting hit at the railroad crossings or when a train strikes a person. But how bad is it? Enough that Texas lands in the top 5 states for most train accidents at the crossings.'s even worse than that.

How many accidents occur at railroad crossings in Texas?

Operation Lifesaver published their findings on just how many accidents there were in the United States in 2023. Texas ranks #1 in having the most accidents occur at a railroad crossing: 246. Of those 246 accidents, 76 people were injured & 16 people were killed. The next two states were California with 172 accidents & Georgia with 135.

While California might have the most people hit by a train while trespassing on railroad tracks (324), Texas was right at #2 with 178; 75 deaths & 103 injuries.

Thankfully not every accident resulted in an injury or death, but even still...the results can be just as scary...

Keep in mind, these are numbers from 2023. We've already seen some unbelievable stories occur in 2024 too. Like the driver who was killed in Wortham, Texas when she drove around the gates and was struck by a train.

And that's just ONE story from 2024...

So remember the next time you're at the railroad crossing, and the gates are down, just wait. It's much better to wait a few minutes for the train to pass. If you're on foot, look both ways for any trains coming and don't walk on the railroad tracks. Because if it can easily become a causality too.

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