So, in Texas cannabis might be giving the wine industry a run for its money.


According to, Texas, with all its churches and BBQ, is diving deep into the cannabis cash pool.

Last year, Texas cannabis companies, including CBD, raked in a cool $8 billion.

That's a lot of green. Cough...

But, as always, there's a problem.

While CBD cannabis companies are thriving, recreational use is still a big no-go in the Lone Star state.

Get caught with a mere two ounces and you might just be sitting in jail for 180 days with a fine that could make you think twice about rolling that Jay.

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Even the people of Denton, Texas tried to decriminalize it, but the city leaders were like,

"Not on our watch stoners!" 

A popular Dallas restaurant, E-Bar, is throwing shade with a sassy sign saying they won’t serve you if you smell like a "Snoop Dogg concert. "

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On the upside, Texas does provide actual THC to the medical patients with their Compassionate Use Program.

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Or, C.U.Ps.

If you're imagining a chill night with some high-powered THC brownies though, dream on for now.

Texans in C.U.Ps get low-THC oil with a comical 1% THC content.

Even with all the restrictions, cannabis is already stepping on the wine industries toes in terms of sales.

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"According to the data, businesses involved in hemp-derived CBD, from the manufacturing to the storefront, employed more than 50,000 Texans, generating between $19.1 billion to $22.4 billion in economic growth."

Right up there with wine.

"Conversely, the wine industry generated more than $20 billion for the Texas economy, according to Wine America..."

This is mostly from CBD, thanks to a 2018 bill from pro-cannabis Texas legislators.

Whitney Economics, cannabis number-crunchers, say these figures are based only on about half the businesses they surveyed, so the results are not conclusive.

But, bottom line...

Donald Weber, Getty
Donald Weber, Getty

Texans LOVE cannabis, even in its mildest form, and as much as wine.

Cheers to that! 🍷🌿

What do you think?

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