I saw Cage The Elephant rockin' a Jimmy Kimmel re-run last night and, while writing this post, found out about a very cool contest they're doing!

Cage The Elephant were the musical guests on an encore Jimmy Kimmel episode last night.  If you missed it, or just want to see it again, here 'ya go!

CTE have also done a video for "Come A Little Closer" that was shot in front of a green screen and then finished using animation drawn by CTE singer Matt Schultz.  Now, you can win an original drawing signed by Matt just for showing off your own artistic ability.

Select any one of the stills from the above link, put your own spin on it and send it in!

Experienced animators can also get in on the fun.  You show offs can download the entire video and show Cage The Elephant what you got!  Watch the vid below, think up something cool to do and send it in.

Good Luck!

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