Yet another celebrity is dissing El Paso’s tacos.

Days after a local makeup artist accused Mexican actress Lucia Méndez of talking trash about our tacos, video surfaced of comedian Willie Barcena dissing one of our most sacred food institutions, Chico’s Tacos.

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The funny man, a frequent Bart Reed’s Comic Strip headliner, took to social media to declare the iconic El Paso food “just okay” while using the mas o menos/so-so hand gesture.

Willie Barcena Facebook

Alright, people from El Paso, Texas you guys always brag about Chico’s Tacos. I’m gonna tell you something. Chico’s Tacos is just okay.

Gasp! Oh no he didn’t. But he’s wasn’t done bloodying our nose.

Barcena goes on to say he’s “not hating,” but that the culinary pleasure of flautas-floating-in-a-tomato-sauce-like-concoction-covered-in-cheese that El Pasoans love and love to hate was “number two” – as in second best, not the euphemistic reference to caca.

Willie Barcena Facebook

“This is what you gotta have,” he adds, panning the camera to some rolled tacos sitting in green sauce. “These are our tacos from L.A. Chico’s Tacos number two, Olvera taquitos number one.”

Willie Barcena Facebook

Now, to be fair, Willie wasn’t ugly about it, and although I'm a fan of Chico’s no matter what type of container they are served in or what kind of cheese they top them with, I think there are other places in town that do the tacos ahogados thing better. But I gotta have my town’s back.

Sure, locals have said and say worse things about them, but that’s our prerogative. It’s like when someone calls your a**h**e brother an a**h**e. Yeah, he’s an a**h**e but he’s my a**h**e and only I can say that about him. Chico's Tacos is our institution.

So, Willie, you’re welcome in El Paso anytime, but like you always say, ‘don't be a d**k, Bro!’

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