UTEP will battle UTSA this Saturday at one of the most anticipated home games in a long time for the Miners but will the fans turn out for the big game?

The football game between the UTEP Miners and the UTSA Roadrunners is finally here, after weeks of anticipation. Both teams have had a great season with the Roadrunners ahead of the Miners in the West standings. To be honest, I have no idea what this means but I'm trusting what Adrian Broaddus wrote over at our partner station 600 ESPN El Paso. If you want the hard-hitting facts on football, he's your guy to talk to.

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What I'm more concerned about is what team is going to have the fans filling up the stadium on Saturday. The Miners obviously have a home stadium advantage, but Miners fans aren't really known for coming out to the games and supporting. Steve Kaplowitz from KROD also wrote about how the beginning of the season had a dismal attendance at the Sun Bowl and while numbers did improve, they weren't nearly where they should be for a team that has been doing pretty well.

But for this game, things feel different. There has been a lot of trash-talking from both UTEP and UTSA fans on Twitter and people are wondering which fans are going to be there to cheer on their football team and support. This Twitter user and UTSA fan looked at the seating chart and noticed that the visitor's section seems to have a lot of seats taken already.

Guess we'll find out on Saturday when the UTEP Miners play the UTSA Roadrunners at 8:15 in the Sun Bowl.

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