You should consider yourself lucky if you ever attended the Amigo Airsho when it was around. The Amigo Airshow was where you could take the family out for a good time. It was one of the most popular annual events that took place in El Paso before it came to a stop.

The stop was oh so sudden that left some of us in the dark and still wondering. The airshow was one of the annual events that were affected by the federal budget cutbacks in 2013. Soon after Fort Bliss also didn't have the funds to host the air show on Biggs Army Airfield.

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This is when Amigo Airsho switched locations from Fort Bliss to Santa Teresa in 2014. But the difference after changing locations was the low attendance they saw at the 2014 Amigo Airsho. The following year an Amigo Airsho event was scheduled for October 2015. But in August 2015 an announcement was made about postponing the Amigo Airsho that year.

The main focus about postponing the Amigo Airsho was based on making some adjustments to improve the show and attendance. Unfortunately, no one ever heard anything since the postponement was announced. In fact, some people are still wondering about whatever happened to the Amigo Airsho still to this day. Paul LP shared his Amigo Airsho experience in the video above from 2012.

The Amigo Airsho was where you would go to see some insane stunts right above your head, in the sky. Adults aren't the only ones curious about what happened to the Amigo Airsho, kids are too including my son. John Purvis tried getting some answers back in 2018 and was left high and dry. We won't ever know what had happened to the Amigo Airsho but one thing that's for sure is how much some of us miss it. Share your opinion in the poll if you miss or don't miss the Amigo Airsho below.

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