A woman was caught cheating on her husband, by the guy who was the best man in their wedding. He recorded the whole incident and posted it on YouTube. Buzz Adams and the KLAQ Morning Show got into a deep discussion about what they would do in this situation. Would you do this for your best friend?

This video has made it's way around social media, after the best man shared this hardcore evidence with the world. The husband of the cheating wife actually asked his best friend to follow his wife, to catch her in the act

Unfortunately, the best friend did ended up recording the wife straddling a bartender. After posting the video, the husband did leave the wife, took the car, the ring, and told her to move out by the end of the day. Karma girl, it's a powerful thing.

Going back to Buzz and the crew, everyone said they would have done the same thing, but Buzz would have just walked away and kept his mouth shut. Now, if the story switched characters, like your best friend is cheating, or the guy is married to your sister, do you still tell them? So many options, what would you do?

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