If you listen to the Morning Show, you've likely heard Mr. Buzz Adams saying there's no point in voting and advising KLAQ's fine listeners against it. Well, like he is on many things, on this one, Buzz is straight wrong and, in honor of Voter Registration Day this Sept. 22 (today!), I've put together reasons you SHOULD get out there and vote:


  • 1

    It's Your Right

    Not everyone in the world has the right to vote. Democracy is a wonderful thing and what makes America great. You should exercise your right to vote because you can and because people in other parts of the world living amid mass suffering would love to be able to have input on how their countries are run.

    Also, not everyone in our country has always enjoyed the right to vote. Blacks were only awarded the right to vote in 1870 and women in 1920, which really isn't all that long ago. I mean, cars had already been invented.

    So many people who came before us who fought for us to have this right, so you should USE it!

  • 2

    Your Vote Matters

    Buzz argues that individual voters can't make a difference, but there are often local contests and elections decided by a handful of votes. There are numerous local contests that end in ties and end up being determined by a coin flip.

    If every single person who didn't vote because they thought their vote wouldn't be the deciding one got up and actually voted, together, they could be the deciding vote in thousands of elections. That's how democracies work.

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    Do It For the Children

    By voting, you're not only helping shape our current political landscape, you can also influence the country for future generations. The president (who you can have a voice in electing) selects Supreme Court Justices for lifetime appointments. Supreme Court Justices who will have very powerful influence that will be felt by your children, and perhaps grandchildren. So do it for the kids, man.

  • 4

    It's Easy

    In the time it's taken me to try and convince you to vote, you could have already registered! You can start the process online RIGHT NOW and the actual voting process only takes several minutes, and oftentimes your employer will even let you scoot out of work to do it, so you can take a nice long lunch. Win-win!

  • 5

    The Sticker Will Probs Get You Laid

    I mean, no promise, but what's sexier than someone who has exercised their civic duty and sees the value in having their voice and contributing to our democracy? Nothing, that's what. I know that little "I voted" sticker gets me all hot and bothered.