I've been a fan of the NBA as far back as I can remember. Of course growing up in Portland, our only major franchise was the Trail Blazers. But it's getting to the point now that the NBA is unwatchable. You know how they have the big marathon on Christmas Day? I tried to watch it, and didn't even last 5 minutes.

I've also wanted to get into hockey for the longest time. Every year when the Stanley Cup rolls around, I tell myself that I need to get into hockey. And I never have. BUT, I went and picked up NHL '17 for my XBOX, which is the start of me learning and watching hockey. So now is the time I'm making the switch from watching the NBA, to watching the NHL.

The NBA has become a shell of what it used to be. It's a bunch of flopping, whining babies, who wouldn't have lasted one quarter against the Bad Boy Detroit Pistons. Plus, what's this crap with all of them being friends? Jordan didn't want to be friends with anyone. He wanted to beat them. Hell, he was the whole reason Isaiah Thomas wasn't on the Dream Team.

Now, in case you need actual proof as to why the NBA sucks. Just check out the video below of Bron Bron. And it would be one thing if this was an anomaly. Well, if you've watched any of the NBA over the past 10 years, you'd know that this is now the norm.

Video courtesy of NBA Real Time Hightlights

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