You know what? Having to fend for myself a few years ago taught me a valuable lesson in saving money. Like most people I thought that when I was hungry it was time to go to fast food joints. Wrong.

Don't get me wrong but nowadays you really have to watch what the hell you're spending, and ask yourself -- "How badly do you need it?" The want in that always wins, right? Exactly my point. The very first time I entered the world where one dollar was all you needed was in Houston with my wife. The things other stores sell and seems like a rip off, is! This store was like walking into heaven's golden gates, well not quite, but pretty close.

The idea that "knowing" these stores are out there to help you save and still going to higher priced grocery chains or clubs is stupid. I found that these dollar stores are getting more name brands and the only difference is the price and the savings. Awesome! If you haven't checked into this ideal shopping experience it's never too late!