After the drama of the local woman who thought the first date at Chili's was beneath her, a lot of people in the area have been chiming in with how perfect a first date spot the restaurant chain really is. Good food, decent prices, and a friendly atmosphere make it the perfect place to break the ice with a new potential partner.

And isn't it really about the person you're with, not the place you're at that counts? If you really are interested in the person you're about to spend time with, it shouldn't matter where the exact location is. I understand that some women feel the first date should be somewhere nice, so the man can show you just how much he's willing to try and woo you into becoming his romantic partner, it's nice but unnecessary.

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If a man is taking the time to say he wants to go out with you and get to know you, that in itself says something. So many men will ask you to meet up at a bar, or just come over to hang out. Sure, they probably do want to get to know you better but there's really no effort in that. So a guy setting up an actual date, even yes at Chili's, is showing that he truly does want to be invested in you.

Maybe your first date is at Chili's, but your second will be nicer. Or better, more thoughtful. Going on a picnic isn't exactly expensive but the thought put into that date makes it one of the best types in my opinion. A dollar amount spent doesn't make the best dates, but the thought and care that goes into the date. While I don't agree with so many people saying hurtful and degrading things to the woman, I hope she takes this situation to really think to herself- what makes a good date to me?

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