We posted a hilarious meme on our Facebook page this week and asked our fans to participate in the adult version of Elf on a Shelf we lovingly call Whore in a Drawer.


First, let me say the fans of KLAQ are hands-down the funniest fans in the world. Most people would get uppity about us calling Barbie a whore, but NOT YOU GUYS! You guys rock and you sent us some hilarious photos of your own Whore in a Drawer. Check them out below.

Shout out to the dedication in this photo! Those little, tiny bottles of booze are epic.

Windy Mitchell's WIAD

We love it when you tag us on Instagram!

Carolina Tovar's WIAD Photo

Um... WHAT is going on here?! Who knew Batman was a voyeur?

Krystle Dean - Farley's WIAD

Looks like Mike's WIADs are doing candy cane blow on the table. Nice attention to detail!

Mike Maldonado's WIAD

Tanya was the first person to get her WIAD photo in. It's easily the creepiest one we got.

Tanya Trujillo's WIAD

Bernadette's WIAD just joined the topless party!

Bernadette Lopez's WIAD

All of the people above will be getting a special KLAQ prize pack this week. Thanks for playing along, guys!

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